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Faculty Agreement for Testing

Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to:

Heather Smith, Director,

Student Success Center


Submitting Test Requests

  • Instructors planning to use the Testing Center for quizzes or tests will need to submit a Test Request Form to the Testing Center one business day (24 hours) prior to the scheduled quiz/test date.
  • Instructors will provide the following required information:
  • Instructor’s name, office phone number, additional phone number (home, cell, or pager), and email address
  • College
    Backup contact at UAMS (must have instructor access to course), office phone number and additional number (home, cell, or pager)
  • Program/Course Name
  • Test Name/Number
  • Test information (Blackboard, Lockdown browser, ExamSoft, web addresses) and passwords
  • Number of students taking the test and a roster of student names
  • Clear, detailed start/end date for the test
  • Whether the test is timed and amount of time allowed
  • The Testing Center has a limited number of staff. Therefore, we cannot notify individual students of their time remaining and when their time is up. Timers are available within the Blackboard, ExamSoft, and ATI software, and instructors should set them for timed tests. If it is important that the student be stopped at a designated time, please use the timer in the test software.
  • Materials allowed during the test (textbook, notes, calculator, scratch paper, handouts, etc.)
  • The Testing Center will not accept late submissions.
  • The Testing Center coordinators will send a confirmation once they schedule the exam.
  • Simple changes to the original test request (i.e. changing test start/finish times) may be made by email to or by calling (501) 686-6752. It is not necessary to submit a new test request for simple changes.

Testing Arrangements for Students with Special Accommodations

  • The Testing Center has twelve dedicated, reduced distraction computer stations available for students with special testing needs. Faculty must submit a Request for Special Testing Form to schedule testing for students needing special accommodations. For more information, see the Faculty Agreement for Special Testing.

Faculty Responsibilities Before the Test

  • Refer students to the Testing Protocols for information about using the Testing Center, including what materials (type of calculators, size/number of handouts, etc.) students may bring with them to the test.
  • Inform students with a scheduled testing time, (for example special accommodation testing and scheduled make-up tests) when they are scheduled to begin the test. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will forfeit their reserved test time. A testing coordinator will notify the instructor so that the test can be rescheduled.

Information Needed by Students

  • The Testing Center strictly adheres to closing times. Students will be turned away if their allotted test time exceeds normal operating hours (i.e. a student arriving for a 60 minute test at 7:30 pm when the Testing Center closes at 8:00 pm). Students will be expected to submit their tests at the scheduled closing time. No exceptions will be made.

Academic Integrity During Testing

  • All incidents of suspected cheating will be documented utilizing camera recordings, screen captures, and testing coordinator testimony.
  • All tests are administered, not proctored. Testing center coordinators work diligently to protect academic integrity, and will refer any alleged incidents of academic dishonesty to the instructor immediately.