ZZZ Tech Support

Laptop in shadowsThe UAMS Student Success Center’s Tech Center is here for all students on campus.  We focus on mobile device and laptop support.  If you are having trouble with or needing assistance in picking a new, mobile device or laptop, this is the place for you.

Services we provide:

  • Virus Removal
  • Device Optimization (Make your laptop go faster)
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware installation (Only if your device has an easily accessible port, we won’t void warranties.)
  • Purchase Advice

So if you need our help, please stop by!

Tech Support Request Forms

Request for Technical Support

Request for Laptop Borrowing 

Off-Campus Tech Support Request


I'm having trouble with ExamSoft, help!

Do not uninstall Examsoft, bring your laptop or device to the Tech Center at your earliest convenience, these issues tend to be quickly solved but complicated.  Expect repair time to vary but usually, this can be resolved in about an hour.

How do I connect to my UAMS E-Mail on my phone?

There are a few important settings you need to know to enable access to E-Mail on your phone:

  1. Add the account as a Microsoft Exchange Account
  2. Put your E-Mail and password in normally
  3. When it fails, it should ask for a username and password, this will be UAMS\StudentId and password, for example, if your student ID is 1234567, you should input UAMS\1234567 as your username.
  4. The Mail server will default to uams.edu, correct this to mail.uams.edu and continue.

If you have trouble past this point, feel free to come see us!

I'm not on campus, can you still help me?

Absolutely!  We have a lot of ways we can assist you, over the phone, E-Mail, and with serious issues we can use LogMeIn Rescue to assist remotely.  The best way to contact us is through an E-Mail to ssctech@uams.edu or by calling (501)526-6003.

How do I connect to the UAMS Wi-Fi on my Laptop?

Follow this video tutorial, if you’re still having trouble, come see us!

My Account has been locked! What do I do?

If your account has been locked, you’ll need to call IT at 501-686-8555 and have them unlock it for you. It’s a simple process that takes about 5-10 minutes.

What's the best Anti-Virus Software for me?

We’re big fans of free and effective here at the tech center. We recommend Avast! Anti-Virus Software in conjunction with Malware Bytes Anti-Malware.