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Tech Center

Contact Information


Phone: 501-526-6003

Laptop in ShadowsThe UAMS Student Success Center’s Tech Center works with students using all available resources to assist with any technical issues students may run into with their mobile devices.  This includes providing laptops to those who are having temporary issues as well as providing assistance with fixing most laptop or mobile device issues that may otherwise cost over $200.  We have helped hundreds of students so don’t hesitate to stop by, have a good time, and allow us to fix whatever ails your computer or mobile devices.

Tech Support

The Tech Center offers tech support to UAMS students. If you have a question about your personal laptop or mobile device or are experiencing technical difficulties, we are here to help. Some issues can even be resolved remotely. Click here for more information.

Laptop Lending

Laptop issues can be a problem when you need to finish a project, take a test, or upload an assignment. Fortunately, the Tech Center has a limited number of laptops available for short term (1 day) lending to students who have a time-critical need. Click here to find more about laptop lending.

On Demand Support

Do you need help during the times the Student Success Center isn’t open? We have loaded a number of tech support resources on our website, making our support and guidance available to you when you really need it. Click here to learn more.