ZZZ Presentation Center

picture of a video cameraThe Student Success Center’s Presentation Center provides students a place to practice and record presentations. Our state-of-the-art  recording studio enables faculty, staff & students to produce quality audio and video. This studio provides an acoustically neutral and adjustable environment free of machine and air handler noise, and meets the highest standards of sound recording technology.

Schedule an appointment to practice a presentation, record and critique your presentation using audio and/or video, or critique and develop a slide presentation.


Make an Appointment

Who can use the Presentation Center?

We encourage students to use the presentation center; however, faculty are welcome to schedule time for their own projects.

Who edits videos produced in the Presentation Center?

It is the responsibility of the person doing the project to edit their own video (or to edit within whatever medium they are using). Writing center staff will try to provide some assistance if necessary with the presentation room software. However, the time we have for doing extensive video editing projects is limited. Most of the year we are busy helping students with writing projects.

Are you available to go “on location” to record presentations?

If our workload allows it, students can schedule a time for us to help them with a video shoot. The location will have to be on campus. Faculty are welcome to check out video equipment for their projects; however, we cannot go “on location” for faculty projects.

Can you help me with my PowerPoint presentations?

As with the other software mentioned (video editing software, Microsoft Word, Articulate, etc.), we are not experts with PowerPoint. We are happy to let you use our software, answer what questions we can, and point you to helpful tutorials.