• You must present a current UAMS ID to borrow a laptop.
  • Laptops may checked out at any time during the hours the Student Success Center is open, but must be returned to the Tech Center
  • 30 minutes prior to closing on the same day they are checked out.
  • Only one laptop will be checked out per person.
  • Laptops are available on a first-come first-served basis only.


  • Do not leave the laptop unattended. If the laptop is lost or stolen you will be responsible for its replacement.
  • Please save your work to your personal flash drive or email it to yourself.
  • Do NOT save anything to the laptop’s C drive.
  • The UAMS Student Success Center is not responsible for damage to personal disks or for the loss of any data during the loan period.
  • Report any problems with the laptop to the UAMS Student Success Center’s Tech Center when you return it.


  • Software cannot be copied to or from the laptop.
  • Any deliberate attempts to make modifications to the machine including to the software, hardware and system settings are prohibited.
  • You may attach the following authorized hardware to the laptop:
  • Flash drive or other storage devices
  • headphones
  • mice
  • You may not attach unauthorized hardware to the laptops.


  • You must return the laptop to the UAMS Student Success Center 30 minutes prior to the scheduled closing time.
  • You must hand the laptop to an SSC staff member. Do not just leave it in the Tech Center Office.
  • All equipment (laptop, charger, case) must be returned at the same time.


  • You are liable for replacement charges if the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged while in your possession.
  • Lost or damaged pieces may not be replaced with substitutes.
  • Equipment is considered lost if not returned within 72 hours of the due date.