Elements of learning pictureThe academic programs at UAMS are both challenging and demanding. The requirements are rigorous, the environment is competitive, and at some point you may need some help. Students can  find themselves falling behind in their courses because their old learning habits aren’t enough to achieve academic success in this new learning environment.

Students often need to learn new strategies to improve their performance, and there are a number of services in place to help you. Learn about the services that the Student Success Center has to offer. You will be more confident knowing that there is support when you need it.

Academic Coaching

Sometimes working harder isn’t enough to guarantee academic success. If you find there are never enough hours in a day or if you study for hours but still don’t know the material, then you may benefit from Academic Coaching, a series of personal meeting with a Learning Specialist to help you improve your skills and academic performance. Coaching sessions can help you manage your time, prepare for tests, improve study skills, and set academic goals. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are highly recommended. Please fill out an appointment request and a Learning Specialist will be in touch.

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program helps students who are having trouble with the content in a particular course. Peer tutors are students who have excelled in the course in which a student is having difficulty. The tutor tailors the session to meet students’ individual needs. Peer Tutors are trained to offer support on course content. Students that are interested in or have been referred to peer tutoring will first meet with the Learning Specialist assigned to your college. Click to request an appointment.