Learning Services

Academic Coaching

Sometimes working harder isn’t enough to guarantee academic success. If you find there are never enough hours in a day or if you study for hours but still don’t know the material, then you may benefit from Academic Coaching, a series of personal meeting with a Learning Specialist to help you improve your skills and academic performance. Coaching sessions can help you manage your time, prepare for tests, improve study skills, and set academic goals.

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program helps students who are having trouble with the content in a particular course. Peer tutors are students who have excelled in the course and they tailor their sessions to meet students’ individual needs.  Peer Tutors are trained to offer support on course content in order to help the student better understand the material. Peer tutoring sessions are free for students.

Writing and Presentation Center

Writing Center

Get help with any writing project at any stage of the writing process: class essays; CVs and personal statements; dissertations; and reports from plagiarism checkers Turnitin and/or SafeAssign. Schedule a face-to-face appointment with us or attach your document to the form on our website.

Presentation Center

The Presentation Center provides students a place to practice and record presentations. Schedule an appointment to use our semi-soundproof room: practice a presentation in a private, quiet environment; record and critique your presentation using audio and/or video; and/or critique and develop a slide presentation.

Tech Center

Student Tech Support

The UAMS Student Success Center’s Tech Center is here for all students on campus.  We focus on mobile device and laptop support.  If you are having trouble with, or needing assistance in picking a new, mobile device or laptop, this is the place for you. Off campus help is available as well as long as you have an Internet connection. Just contact the Tech Center to set up a time that works.

Laptop Lending

If something happens to your laptop during an important assignment, you need to take a test, or just have a laptop for some personal reason and are planning to stay on campus, you should consider using our Laptop Lending service.  With our laptops you can browse the internet, create presentations, and take tests anywhere on campus for free, provided you bring the laptops back at the end of the business day (6:00 P.M.)

Testing Center

Testing & Special Testing

The Testing Center administers tests to UAMS students Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Testing coordinator’s work with UAMS faculty to schedule window-of-opportunity, make-up, and special accommodations testing. Tests are offered on many different platforms including Blackboard, Lockdown Browser, FISDAP, ATI, and Examplify.

Epic Testing

UAMS employees that need initial or re-certification Epic tests will test in the Testing Center. We offer Epic testing Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 A.M. UAMS employees will first need to schedule their tests with Epic before contacting the Testing Center.

ATI TEAS Testing

As a service to the UAMS College of Nursing, the Testing Center administers the ATI TEAS pre-admission test to prospective students. We offer these tests usually from August – February with more times available closer to the application deadline. All prospective students must register with ATI. Most questions should be directed to ATI or the UAMS College of Nursing.