ZZZ Laptop Lending

Laptop in shadowsIf something happens to your laptop during an important assignment, or you need to take a test or just have a laptop for some personal reason and are planning to stay on campus you should consider using our Laptop Lending service.  With our laptops you can browse the internet, create presentations, and take tests anywhere on campus for free, provided you bring the laptops back at the end of the business day (7:30 P.M.)  To reserve a laptop you can simply fill out the Laptop Lending Request Form and a representative from the Tech Center will contact you within 24 hours (by E-Mail or Phone) to finish your reservation.  We also accept drop-ins (assuming availability).

Laptop Request Forms

Laptop Lending Request

Laptop Lending Policy

How long can I keep the laptop?

The earliest you can pick up a laptop is 8:00 A.M. with reservation, 2 P.M. without reservation.  You are allowed to keep them so long as you stay on campus until 7:30 P.M.

What software is installed on the laptop?

  • The Microsoft Office Suite
  • Examsoft
  • Lockdown Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Other software by request

How often can I borrow a laptop?

You’re welcome to borrow a laptop every day, provided you take good care of them and they are available.


What happens if I lose/break the laptop?

If the laptop stops working due to hardware problems outside of your control, that will be covered by a warranty.  If it’s lost, stolen, or broken you will be responsible for the cost of the laptop at time of purchase.

Can I take the laptop home?

No, we feel this protects both the student and the laptop from most damages.