February 4, 2019

The Creative Power of Restraint

Robert Musser, Ph.D.

Restrained drivers are safer drivers.  Restrained passengers will be safer passengers.  In life and in vehicles restraint can work well for our success and our creative impulses. On May 24, 1954, Life magazine published an article by John Hersey expressing the views of a committee of parents and educators in Fairfield, CT (1).   The article…

April 4, 2016

The Innovation Hub: Creativity, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship

Marybeth Norcross

On Thursday, March 3rd, the Innovation Hub in North Little Rock invited the community to tour the Hub’s workspaces for designing, making and collaborating. Visitors were able to see the space and learn about their programs, classes, and opportunities. The Open House included tours, activities, demonstrations, and a special celebration featuring local, state, and federal…