December 29, 2021

Flow and Continuity in Academic Writing

By Joshua Via

Flow and Continuity in Academic Writing by Nancy Sessoms A common request we get in the Writing Center is for help with a paper’s flow, a term to describe a writing quality that has become ubiquitous but is often misunderstood.  Many student writers are hard-pressed to provide a definition of what flow is but can…

February 22, 2021

How to Prepare for Your First Tutoring Session

By pschmetz

By Anna Sharabura, M3 Congratulations, you’ve already done the hardest part: asking for help. Whether you’re here because an instructor recommended you see a tutor, or you want to grow to your full potential and master a difficult topic, the next steps will be the same. It is important to prepare a few things. First,…

March 6, 2020

Becoming Better by Being a Peer Tutor

By Contributing Author

      Emma Axtell is a second-year Physician Assistant student from Oklahoma City, who is serving her third semester as a peer tutor. In this post, she shares some of the lessons she has learned through being a tutor and how she came to love teaching.   When I first got the email, asking…

January 31, 2020

Studying for the USMLE Step 1: Schedule Your Training for the Big Event

By Contributing Author

Athletes, especially ones who have never run a marathon, will create a training schedule to prepare them for the big event. This schedule does not mean that they run the full marathon every week training, but rather they train in shorter intervals that will gradually increase in difficulty up until the actual event. Creating a…

January 13, 2020

Don’t Sprint the USMLE Step 1

By Contributing Author

What exactly am I training myself for? It’s January of your M2 year. The first semester flew by almost as fast as Christmas break did, and you’re approaching the halfway point in your medical school career. In the back of your mind you may have been thinking about it as the test-that-shall-not-be-named (cue dramatic music…

December 20, 2019

After Thinking About It

By Marybeth Norcross

If I had to pick one phrase that has defined my life, I think it would be, “After thinking about it.” I have said that phrase so many times! Sometimes it was because I’d done something foolish, and after thinking about it, I had to go back and make amends. Occasionally, I’ve looked at a…

December 9, 2019

Meet Kimberly Mayo, New Learning Specialist

By Contributing Author

On November 12, we welcomed our newest addition to our Student Success Center team, Kimberly Mayo.  Ms. Mayo’s primary assignment is to work with the College of Nursing.  As we all do, she will also have other duties as needed.  She has written a short introduction of herself, and we expect to see other contributions…

December 2, 2019

Meet Boom Shocka Locka

By Robert Musser, Ph.D.

Meet Boom Shocka Locka, therapy dog and friend to UAMS students—Boom for short.  Boom is looking forward to his upcoming visit to support you during your days of final tribulation and stress.  Recently Belinda Rogers, Circulation Coordinator at the UAMS library, had a chance to visit Boom Shocka Locka and ask him some probing questions….

September 16, 2019

 Passing It On: The Life of a Tutor

By Contributing Author

A major emphasis in the Student Success Center is our peer tutoring program.  This week on our blog we are privileged to hear first-hand about that process.  Ashton Cheatham, one of our College of Pharmacy tutors talks about his own experience as a tutor: his basic approach, what he has learned as he taught, and…

September 9, 2019

Even So, Choose Life (through despair and suicide may loom)

By Robert Musser, Ph.D.

For some gloom, despair, and agony are the companions of late. Yet, it’s a new academic year and hope is fired up. Many of us are enthused with the fire of devotion to new learning and hoped-for, meaningful careers. Even the woods seem aflame with color, and the time of harvest is at hand. Maybe…

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