Academic Coaching

Academic CoachingSometimes working harder isn’t enough to guarantee academic success. If you find there are never enough hours in a day or if you study for hours but still don’t know the material, then you may benefit from Academic Coaching, a series of personal meeting with a Learning Specialist to help you improve your skills and academic performance. Coaching sessions can help you manage your time, prepare for tests, improve study skills, and set academic goals.


Contact Information


College of Health Professions

Marybeth Norcross, M.S. Ed


College of Medicine

Jasna Vuk, M.D., Ph.D.


College of Nursing

Ashley Phillips, M.S.Ed.


College of Pharmacy

Bob Musser, Ph.D.


College of Public Health

Bob Musser, Ph.D.


Graduate School

Bob Musser, Ph.D.


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What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a series of meetings between you and a Learning Specialist to talk about things like time management, study skills, test anxiety, and strategies for test taking.

Is Academic Coaching a one-time event?

You should plan to meet with the Learning Specialist several times. It can be challenging to cover everything in one meeting. Having follow-up meetings gives you the chance to talk about what worked well and what you’d like to improve.

Is there a cost for Academic Coaching?

No. There is no additional cost for Academic Tutoring other than your tuition and fees.

Will others know I came to Academic Coaching?

Only if you tell them. We keep all your information confidential. However, If you want us to confirm our meeting with a faculty member, we can do that. Some students are recommended or required to visit with a Learning Specialist. We hope to be helpful enough that you tell everyone to meet with us.

Do I need an appointment for Academic Coaching?

No. We recommend that you make an appointment to guarantee that a Learning Specialist is available to meet with you at the time you choose. You can always walk in to see us any time, even without an appointment, and we will be happy to talk with you.

How do I make an appointment for Academic Coaching?

You can request an appointment for Academic Coaching here. A Learning Specialist will contact you shortly to set up an appointment at a time that best works for you.