Peer Tutoring FAQs

What is peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a subject matter specific meeting between you and another student (an upperclassman, a student in your class, a recent graduate) that has shown proficiency with the subject at hand. The purpose is to help you better understand the course material better. Peer tutoring is usually a short-term set of meetings until you have a firm grasp on the course material.

Is peer tutoring done individually or in group sessions?

We offer both individual and group peer tutoring. This varies depending on the course and your learning needs. The goal is to help you find ways to learn material that you don’t understand.

Is there a peer tutor for every subject?

We are still growing our tutoring program, so we do not have tutors for every course yet. If you have a need, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can try to find a peer tutor.

Is there any cost for peer tutoring services?

No. There is no charge for you to have a peer tutor. We do ask that you meet only a couple times a week at the most and check in with your Learning Specialist throughout the process so we know how you are doing with tutoring.

How do I sign up for peer tutoring?

You will need to talk with the Learning Specialist assigned to your college. They will help you figure out where you need help and whether or not a tutor would benefit you.

What is a peer tutor?

A peer tutor is a student who has done well in a course and wants to share his/her expertise with other students. A peer tutor is patient, can explain information clearly, and wants to work with other students.

Is there a need for peer tutors?

Yes! We look for new peer tutors all of the time.

Who can become a peer tutor?

We generally want students to have earned an A or B in a course (or be earning that grade right now). Peer tutors must also be recommended by the faculty for that course or by the Associate Dean of the college.

Are peer tutors paid?

For most students, yes, being a Peer Tutor is a paid position. There are a few exceptions that have to do with work eligibility. If you’re not eligible to work as a paid peer tutor, you may volunteer for the experience. The Peer Tutoring Coordinator can give you more details about both the volunteer and the paid opportunities.

Is there training for peer tutors?

Yes, we do provide training for our peer tutors in person and online through Blackboard. You’ll get some great ideas about how to work with individuals and groups, and different ways to help students learn.

What’s the first step in becoming a peer tutor?

Contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator at to begin the process of becoming a Peer Tutor. We will be in touch with your Associate Dean to see if you are eligible.