Academic Coaching FAQ

What is academic coaching?

Academic Coaching is a series of meetings between you and a Learning Specialist to talk about things like time management, study skills, test anxiety, and strategies for test taking. The purpose is to help you understand why you are experiencing difficulties and to strategize ways to improve your academic standing.

Is academic coaching a one-time event?

Each student will have a unique experience and unique needs. You and the Learning Specialist will decide if more than one meeting is necessary. Requiring more than one meeting does not mean anything because it can be challenging to cover everything in the time allotted. By scheduling follow-up meetings you are given the chance to talk about what worked well and what you’d like to improve.

Is there a cost for academic coaching?

No. There is no cost for students to meet with a Learning Specialist.

Will others know I came for academic coaching?

Only if you tell them. We keep all your information confidential. However, some students are required to visit with a Learning Specialist for remediation exercises. For these meetings, the Learning Specialist will share the fact that you met with your faculty, but details of the meeting will be withheld.

Do I need an appointment for academic coaching?

No. We recommend that you make an appointment to guarantee that the Learning Specialist assigned to your college is available to meet with you at the time you choose. Walk-ins are welcome, but there is no guarantee that someone will be available at that exact time to talk with you.

How do I make an appointment for academic coaching?

You can request an appointment for Academic Coaching here. The Learning Specialist assigned to your college will contact you shortly to set up an appointment at a time that best works for you.

With which Learning Specialist should I meet?

Each college is assigned a specific Learning Specialist. We feel this gives you the best opportunity for success as the Learning Specialist has a deeper knowledge of the expectations for the specific courses/classes in which you are enrolled. Please click here to find the Learning Specialist assigned to your college.