July 22, 2019

Meet Pascal Schmetz

By Contributing Author

One of our newer colleagues in the Student Success Center is Pascal Schmetz.  He is our Education/Technology Resource Specialist.  He is available to assist both students and faculty with his technological expertise.  Let him introduce himself:

Hi, my name is Pascal Schmetz. In November, 2017 I moved to the United States. Previously I served 13 years in the Dutch military. The last 5 years in the military I worked in the IT department. I Also started a computer business and an online store to sell my products. In those 13 years I was deployed 4 times for the military. In October 2018 I started working for UAMS in the Student Success Center as the Education/Technology Resource Specialist.  Almost a year later at UAMS I still enjoying working with Students and colleagues. Every day is different with all kinds of issues which need to be solved.

I understand how important your laptop or mobile device is to your success as a student.

To help I offer the following types of support:

  • software installation
  • purchasing advice
  • virus removal
  • assistance with connectivity
  • and assistance with applications.

I am available for both students and employees to come to my office with questions.  I am located in the Student Success Center on the third floor of the library in 3/108.

Another responsibility is taking care of all the staff, public, and testing computers from the Student Success Center.  It is my job to make sure that every test taker has a reliable computer for testing purposes.  I also work with my Student Success Center colleagues to make sure they have equipment that works and runs like a charm.  I also maintain the computers in the study areas of the Student Success Center, and I can help you with issues you may have there.


Call 501-526-6003 or email: Pschmetz@uams.edu if I can be of any assistance.


Best regards,

Pascal Schmetz

Student Technical Support

Student Success Center