May 14, 2018

“There’ll Be Days Like This Celebrate!

By Robert Musser, Ph.D.

As Van Morrison remembered his mother’s wisdom, so I have found, sometimes “there’ll be days like this.”  You will graduate. Life is pleasant; it is worth enjoying. This morning, being a Monday, I work from 11:00 to 7:00 so the parking places are fewer and farther away.  The bus runs less frequently and is not the direct express. But today, a space was open two slots from the bus stop. What is more, the weather is delightful, and the bus appeared immediately.  I’d be spoiled if all days were like this.

picture of a mother and daughter doing push-upsJust so Van Morrison suggested in his song.  The first verse celebrates days when everything falls into place.  That’s cause for celebration. The second verse reminds of the days when you don’t need to worry, and there is no betrayal by a supposedly close friend.  The third verse says on some days all the puzzle pieces start to look like they fit. Fourth, on some good days you don’t get hassled by the powers that be, and you can live your life as you please.  And finally there will be days when nobody steps on your dream and everybody gets what you say and sing. This upcoming graduation is one of these good days—celebrate!

Text Box: If I might interject a feminist observation, in most languages and cultures wisdom is a feminine voice. We do well to heed the wise women in our lives.As you know well, there are other days too.  Van Morrison’s song drew upon the earlier Shirelle’s song that wonders if love and life has passed me by.  “Mama said there’d be days like this.” We’re on the outside of the wedding chapel wishing to be in. You’ve endured some of those tough days.  You lasted through the program. Remember, when you face similar struggles in the future, wise Mama said, “There’d Be Days Like this.” Take heart.

Today, celebrate this good graduation day when it is falling into place, the puzzle is beginning to be solved, and the dream is realized and your voice heard.  Wise Mama said, “There’ll Be Days Like This.” It seems fitting that graduation and Mother’s Day falls so closely together. Enjoy and thank her for your good life, for your graduations along the way and still to come, of which she is a part.

Go then with our blessing and good wishes.  We celebrate with you one of these good days when life goes happily.