March 26, 2018

It’s the Real World-We Need to Cooperate and Collaborate

Robert Musser, Ph.D.

All the time I have been in academia I have heard people talk about “real life out there.”  College is not the “real world.” Yet in college, at university, there are turf wars, political maneuvering, rotten apples and the good ones, the used and the users (and most of the rest of us who do…

March 19, 2018

Spring Break: The Outdoors is Calling

Marybeth Norcross

Many of you at UAMS are on Spring Break! It’s the perfect time to relax, have some fun, and rest before the push to finals and the end of the semester. Everyone needs a chance to slow down, catch their breath, and enjoy some of the good things life has to offer. For me, Spring…

March 12, 2018

Doing Good to Yourself and Others, a Call to Altruism

Robert Musser, Ph.D.

April 15-21, 2018 could be one of the most important weeks for you this year.  The “Points of Light” organization has designated this week as National Volunteer Week.  Did you know that volunteer work, altruism, has benefits both for the giver and the recipient?  A growing body of research is indicating that appropriate emotional compassion…