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picture of Vanessa LewisContributing Author, Vanessa Lewis, the Student Services Manager, and is known for her sunny smile, warm welcomes, and for rescuing Charlie, the famous UAMS Cat.


Where do we find success? How do we find success? There is a perfect Webster definition for success yet I do believe how we personally define success is diverse. How we measure success can be multifaceted. When I think of success there are varying levels of success in my life. If I set a daily goal to drink 64 ounces of water and I do it, I feel like that is a small goal that I achieved! Bam! Success!

My Goal of Social Success

I was once told that I always had a frown on my face that made me look too serious and unapproachable. Whoa, that stunned me because I never thought I looked too serious. Immediately, I set a goal to smile more and strive to have a friendly presence.  I made the term up in my head, “social” success! Now, years later I have people telling me that I am like their sunshine and I smile all the time. Bam! Social Success! These are just simple examples of some personal successes that I make every effort to accomplish daily. The method of small attainable goals can lead to empowerment for the larger life achievements. I acquired the confidence to start making strides toward weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

picture of students socializing in the Student CenterFind Your Social Success

This juncture in your student life, I am asking you to implement your very own “social” success. Get more involved in what Campus Life and Student Services has to offer. Come network with your peers in the UAMS Student Center.  It is a great place to have study groups, coffee, lunch, or relax in a peaceful atmosphere. This Valentine’s Day we will have a steel drummer playing love songs while you enjoy free refreshments. Next, you can manage March mania by going to a free event at Painting with a Twist on March 2nd. Furthermore, March and April we are extending the Student Center hours from 4 pm to 6 pm for your pleasure of studying together.  This may be a small step you take with astounding social success results!