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picture of the healing garden outside the Cancer CenterEver find yourself inside on one of those glorious warm sunny days when nature seems to beckon us to come outside?  Maybe, like me, you weren’t raised in the city, and you need some fresh air and a chance to stretch your arms and inhale and exhale deeply.  Maybe you miss the the chatter of the critters and the sounds of human living going by.  It’s rejuvenating (it makes us young again) to smell the delightful aromas of the blooms or of a just-passed rain—you can almost taste the dewy sweetness.  How nice to be caressed by the gentle massage of a breeze, to see green plants and birds on the wing, butterflies at a blossom.  But, we live in a mini-city of concrete high rises and technological marvels.  It’s not so easy to get outside and breathe free.

There are some green spaces around UAMS, don’t you know.  Tucked here and there are some spaces where you might decompress for a few moments.  You might even take your studies and work outside.  I’ve located and noted places around the campus with benches, in some cases tables and shade.  For the most part, these are also green spaces designed with a variety of plant life and often soothing water feature backdrops.  Come outside and enjoy.

picture of outside tables near the Student CenterGreen Spaces at UAMS

  • The gardens among the campus buildings behind the student center and the COPH building.  There are 3 outdoor spaces, each of which is lined with greenery and includes benches:
    • Between building 4A and building 5A.
    • Between building 7A and buildings 2 and 3, next to 5A.
    • Between building 7A and 6A, this is the “Legacy Garden.”
  • There are some shaded tables and chairs outside the student center (around the side of the building from the entrance).
  • There are benches on the hill behind and above I. Dodd Wilson building.
  • There are some shaded tables and chairs outside the Resident Hall Administrative Services building.
  • There are several balconies with tables and chairs in Rahn Education building.  The largest (also the most used) is outside the Metro Deli 2 indoor seating area.  It appears to me that there are balconies facing north toward the Hillcrest area, facing east toward downtown, and facing West.
  • The UAMS Garden, also called the Chancellor’s Garden on Campus Drive outside the Chancellor’s suite and accessible from the sidewalk on Campus Drive.
  • There are shaded tables and chairs outside the cafeteria which is located on the ground floor of the Central Building.  There are often several people in this area, eating and visiting so it may not be as conducive to study and quiet.
  • The Healing Garden outside the Gathering Place café on the first floor of the Rockefeller Cancer Institute.
  • Off the first floor lobby of the hospital toward parking one and looking toward the VA center there are some outdoor benches.
  • Outside of the Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI) there is a small green garden space with bench seating.

The weather appears to be moving slowly toward cooler Autumn.  It’s a good time to be outside.