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Welcome to UAMS, and specifically to the students of the College of Health Professions! The start of a new academic year is filled with optimism, possibilities, and challenges. While you are here, the faculty and staff will work to prepare you for success in the profession you have chosen to pursue. They will teach you the information you need to know. They will demonstrate the skills you will be asked to perform. They will challenge you to think critically and apply your skills in a clinical setting, and they will ask you to see yourself as an important and responsible member of a professional community. The process will be exciting, rewarding, and very challenging.

A Different Challenge: It all Counts Now

picture of a pile of reading involved in learningYour coursework at UAMS will be different from what you have done before you arrived. Here, all your classes are important – they all count. There’s no Ancient Civilization or American Literature course that you can take and then forget. At UAMS, the classes build on one another. Every class you take will be vital for success in the next class. There is no forgettable, or throw-away information. You will need what you learned for one test to be successful on the next test. Everything you learn will be needed for your board and certification exams. You begin preparing for your profession on the first day of class.

A New Challenge: Your Habits Will Change

Because everything counts now, many of the time management and study habits you used for earlier courses may not be enough for you to be successful. Often students study exam to exam. This means that they wait until an upcoming exam and then drop everything to study. In your new courses, these is so much information to learn, and you will often have multiple tests within a single week, so it is important to carefully manage your study time to stay on top of your workload.

You may also have to change the way you study. Many students study by rereading and highlighting their notes. But your tests aren’t assessing how well you stuff information into your head. Your tests are designed to check how efficiently and effectively you can pull information out of your brain. So you will need to learn ways to practice for your exams by creating your own test questions and answering them. If you would like more information or help, the Learning Specialists at the Student Success Center can help you sharpen your time management and study skills.

A Rewarding Challenge: You will be a Health Professional

picture of a sign pointing to successWhen you graduate from UAMS you will be ready to take your place as a member of the community of health care professionals. You will leave with the knowledge, skills, and experience you need for a successful future, making your time here a rewarding challenge. Make the most of the opportunities you are offered to become better in your chosen profession. Enjoy your time with your classmates and learn from one another. Often, they can continue to be a source of support and encouragement throughout your career. This great adventure will challenge and change you in ways you can’t yet imagine, but it will also bring many rewards, both during your time at UAMS and in the future.

Remember, the Student Success Center is ready to help you through many of the challenges you face in working toward a successful academic and professional career. You can learn more about our services on our website at