March 20, 2017

Fun with Words: An Invitation to Enjoy Learning

Robert Musser, Ph.D.

Words are Fun Academe is a proper noun referring to “An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.” Academy is a noun derived from Academe and referring to “A modern school where football is taught.” Some years ago I ran across the Devil’s Dictionary in which these and other delightful definitions are found. I…

March 13, 2017

Thoughts on Procrastination

Robert Musser, Ph.D.

Note: the first or second week in March is national procrastination week (depending on when you get to the celebration, and someone pointed out that this celebration seems to be observed later every year). On the one hand procrastination is bad.  We who have this malady (and I am one) should not keep putting off…

March 6, 2017

From the Testing Center: New Student Sign-In

Marybeth Norcross

Beginning on Monday, March 6th, the Testing Center in the Student Success Center will be utilizing a new system to sign in for a test. UAMS Students will no longer use the sign-in the binder. Instead they will scan their badge at the ID kiosk and identify the test they want to take. All UAMS…