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With finals over, everyone is ready to take some time off and relax. In your academic pursuit you are the most important asset you have, but you can’t continue to perform at your best unless you take care of yourself.  So here are three ways you can keep your brain and body healthy.

Get Outside and Exercise

relax and take a bicycle ride outsideWhile it is tempting to lay around watching movie marathons on Netflix, exercising consistently for thirty minutes three to six times a week will increase your ability to be proactive when you return to campus instead of reacting to all the outside forces around you. And spending some time outside is a good antidote to all the time you’ve been spending inside classrooms and labs.

Get Creative

relax and get creative with your cookingLet’s face it; almost all your finals required you to use the left side of your brain. You had to practice logical thinking, accuracy, and analysis, and all that brain work has left you exhausted. So, do something creative to relax and refresh your brain. Write in your journal, or blog. Paint something, take some pictures, build in Minecraft, sing and dance, or play some video games. Cook something delicious. Be intuitive, subjective, random, and creative.

Refill your Emotions Tank

relax with family and friendsSpend time with people you enjoy: with family and friends who make you feel loved and secure. Perform at least one act of service, especially an act of anonymous service, where you will gain nothing more than the satisfaction of helping others. Make a difference to someone else on a small way.

You will find that the best self-care comes through finding the balance in each of these three areas. So give yourself a break and take good care of yourself.