September 28, 2015

Create a Mind Map with Text 2 Mind Map

Marybeth Norcross

What is a Mind Map? Mind mapping, also known as concept mapping, is a way of visually organizing information around a central concept or idea. The process begins with a central concept, the “big idea” that stays in the center of your map. That central idea is surrounded by connected branches of associated topics. The…

September 21, 2015

Find Help When You Need It

Marybeth Norcross

At some point during your time at UAMS you may need to find help. You might find yourself falling behind in your courses, experiencing financial struggles, developing health problems, or experiencing technical issues with your computer. Students often need help and there are a variety of services in place just for you. Learn about the…

September 14, 2015

Sharpen Your Study Skills

Marybeth Norcross

Good study skills are a requirement for student success. Even if you’ve never had to study much before, you will need strong study habits to meet the rigorous academic requirements at UAMS. Don’t wait until you are falling behind to develop your study skills. Take control and start now. Take Time to Prepare Study skills…

September 7, 2015

Time Management

Marybeth Norcross

How Good Are Your Time Management Skills? Success at UAMS is dependent on time management. You have multiple courses, projects, exams, study groups, and deadlines, and keeping up with them can seem overwhelming. In addition, many students also have to manage family, friends, and a full-time job. Learning to manage all the demands on your…